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how to download Pokemon Go apk

How To Download Pokemon Go | IOS & Android






What is Pokémon GO?

Who wouldn’t want to experience capturing Pokémons in real life?
Pokémon Go is a new release which connects virtual world with the real world. The game is available for both Android and IOS devices. The game uses real-time player location and shows the available Pokémon in that area. Then the player has to rush to the Pokémon and capture it before anyone else.

The game is in beta version now and has already gone viral because of the unique idea. The game is not yet available in all the countries, Though the game can be downloaded in any country with a small trick.

The game servers are not ready enough and sometimes you might experience lag. I have been playing the game for quite a while now and have never experienced much lag yet, but the servers are down most of the time.

Most of you must be aware of the release date of the game. The game has gone viral already and might be a step of next-gen Gaming. Playing Pokemon is real life, what a wow feeling. What could be a better idea of a smartphone game?

More About the Game:

The game is yet limited to some features which will be extended in future. Main features included in the beta version are-


Real Time Pokemon interaction

The game provides gamers with real-time interaction with Pokemon. The player gets notified as soon as a Pokemon is near and throwing PokaBall captures the Pokemon.





240px-Blaziken_Mega_EvolutionIf you are a true Pokemon fan, you will know evolving is all about powering up your Pokemon even more. In the game, this can be done with an In-Game object called candy. After downloading Pokemon Go, You can easily earn candies by simply selling/transferring your Pokemon to the professor.





PokeStop_dove_trovarliIf you run out of poke balls or, need something else. You can head over to a Poke stop. You can get free Potion, Revive, Incense, Poke Ball, etc. The items are used in different situations in the game. Potion and Revive are used in gym battles. Whereas Poke Balls are used to capture Pokemon.





Gym Battles

pokemon-gymAfter you reach level 5 in the game (Level can be increased by catching Pokemon and gaining XP). Gym battles are in the beta stage right now and are not very responsive. There are several server sided issues with the Gym battles but they are still fun. After you reach a Gym, you can fight other people to get control over the Gym.

A Gym helps you evolve your Pokemon and make them even stronger. The Gym owner can put his/her Pokemon in the gym to protect is from anyone else getting the control over it.

How To Download Pokemon Go On Android?

Hasn’t Pokemon Go released yet in your country? No worries, here is how you can install it on your Android smartphone or tablet.

There are many ways to install the game on your device, some of them being-

Direct Download Pokemon Go (1 Click)


Installing Via Un-Official App downloaders

1368726648_b2 Blackmart is one of the most popular app downloaders. It can be used to download not only Pokemon go but other paid android apps for free too. **Using Blackmart supports piracy.

Download Blackmart APK :

If you don’t support piracy or are totally against it. You can install Pokemon Go via other methods.


Installing Via PlayStore (How To)


Installing Pokemon Go via Play Store is a bit time consuming but it makes sure that you don’t download a virus. Since you download the APK officially from Google Play Store, It’s 100% safe.

For installing the game with this method, all you need is an Australian PlayStore Account. You can do it by simply creating another email and choosing Australia as your country. As the game has already been released in Australia, You can download the game officially with an Australian account  from Play Store



How To Download Pokemon Go On IOS ?

Downloading the game on IOS is a bit tricky and unlike on an android device, There are not multiple methods available to download the game. The one and the only method is

Creating A New Apple ID

In order to download the game from App Store, you need to have an Australian Apple ID. Creating a new apple id is a very simple process. Just follow the video linked below.

Like to Pokemon Go On App Store :

Quick Steps :

  1. Log out your account in app store.
  2. Click on create new account at the bottom.
  3. Choose country as Australia.
  4. Full in the information.
  5. Use a fake australian phone number

    +61 491 5XX XXX

  6. Verify your apple id.
  7. Go to this link and download Pokemon Go

Now you can switch back to your original Apple ID and have the game installed on your IOS device.

Leave a comment below if you are having any trouble downloading the app.